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Stanley Bishop

Stanley Bishop, aka Science Stanley, is just your friendly neighborhood AI scientist.

With a passion for machine learning and a drive to make a difference, Stanley has made significant contributions to the field of artificial intelligence. From designing multi-GPU deep learning clusters for natural language processing at Google to founding a startup studio in Venice Beach, Stanley's expertise and leadership have been instrumental in advancing the field of AI.Currently, Stanley is affiliated with 'Research to the People,' a joint program between Stanford Genetics and Stanford Medicine, where he contributes his AI expertise and leadership to the program's practice of uniting a diverse set of collaborators to tackle unaddressed problems in rare genetic illness medicine and precision oncology. His research specialties revolve around "scientific foundation models," which are LLMs trained on natural data such as proteins, DNA, or chemicals With a deep passion for research and education.As a rare disease patient himself, Stanley is deeply committed to using his skills and knowledge to improve patient care and advocate for patients' rights. He is a research mentor and architect for the prestigious AI-based chemistry project DeepChem, where he works closely with contributors and students to build open-source drug discovery tools and integrate next-generation multi-omic AI into clinical practice. Stanley's unique mix of experience in large-scale cloud-based HPC, bioinformatics, and scientific data operationalization has made him a valuable asset to a number of scientific computing projects.

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